Gambling – a disease leading to the indebtedness of the whole family | Bank loan

Flashing vending machines , which attract us with every glittering light and exorbitant amounts of money at every other restaurant or pub. The number of gambling clubs increases year after year.

It is therefore no wonder that at the same pace as gambling rooms, there are also addicted gamers. Although gambling (yes, deliberately I call illness) is not much talked about, the truth is that it is completely destruction for the gambler himself and his broad family – if he has one, of course.

I can stop at any time

I can stop at any time

That’s what everybody who ever threw a five into the slot machine. And the addicted gambler calls this even more doggedly. However, the truth is that a person affected in this way simply cannot stop playing for good. One evening he throws his paycheck into the slot machine, the other goes to borrow, because this time he has to be “lucky” and will win.

But even borrowed money did not bring happiness. Yes, here and there it happens that a visitor to the gambling room wins, as opposed to how much money he has put into the slots, the winning amount is definitely not a win.

But the gambler is now experiencing ecstasy. Finally happiness smiled at him, and if he smiled today, tomorrow is guaranteed to smile again. And so it is still over and over. And that’s just the beginning…

I’m not going to heal, I’m not sick!


When it is not enough to pay, loans from friends , comes to the banks, which usually lends to a person if he has a regular and sufficient income. But even that is not enough to cover the gambling cost. Often, when a partner’s things and money disappear at home. Bank loans are replaced by non-bank loans and, in the end, by usurers . Reminders in the mailbox begin to accumulate.

If the other members of the family do not intervene now, there will be no way back later. Undoubtedly, the most appropriate and especially the only way to resolve this situation is treatment. Gambler does not admit his illness and does not want to be treated. So it is only a matter of time before the executor becomes interested in the family’s debts.

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